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Clubs, Fittings & Repairs

Clubs, Fittings & Repairs

Fine Tune Your Game at the Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex

The Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex offers the latest golf equipment from all the top manufacturers along with complete club fitting and club repair services.  Click here to contact us about your club fitting or repair needs.


Your Shop for New Golf Equipment

The Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex is pleased to offer the latest in golf club technology and the best part is that we will custom fit the clubs to fit your swing! Please visit the Driving Range Golf Shop for more information on golf equipment from these top equipment manufacturers.

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Club Fitting

What is club fitting? Club fitting is selecting or adjusting clubs to match your swing speed, height, arm length, hand size, swing shape and swing tempo. A good fitting measures all these parameters and then selects or adjusts your clubs accordingly.  Club fitting also means helping you choose club heads with the right forgiveness and ball flight characteristics to fit your particular abilities. Proper shaft flex is also very important in this regard.  The correct choices, in both cases, will make a club easier to hit and maximize distance for you. You can also select clubs that address a particular weakness in your game. Most golfers' games need one of three things...more consistency, more distance or greater accuracy. Sometimes they need all three. Your golf clubs can be chosen or adjusted to help in any or all of these areas.

The professional staff at the Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex takes pride in their ability to use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to fit golfers of all skill levels. With multiple fitting systems (Nike, Titleist, Ping, and Callaway) and the Flightscope Launch Monitor at their disposal, Head Professional Dan Ross, Assistant Professional Brent Wills, and Master Club Performance Specialist Bob LaRock are able to fit you to the equipment that suits your taste and needs to give you the best performance.  This unique capability gives the Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex the most comprehensive club fitting options in the area.

Just as important is our ability to fine-tune your current set of clubs to the correct specifications for your swing. Our Professional Staff and Master Club Performance Specialist will work with you to check and adjust your clubs' length, loft and lie angles to optimize your performance.  In addition, on-site re-gripping and re-shafting services are offered.

Static Measurements $15

  • Player’s Hand, Height, Wrist-to-Ground
  • Current Clubs’ Length, Loft, Lie, Grip, Swingweight

Dynamic Measurements $50

  • Static Measurements
  • BBGC Professional Analysis of: Ball Contact & Flight, Club Head, Shaft & Grip
  • Compare Clubs to New Models and Recommend Any Changes

Club Repair

Get Your Clubs Repaired or Adjusted Here!Get Your Clubs Repaired!

Are your grips so worn that your club is slipping in your hands during your swing? Have you always wanted to replace that stiff shaft you have in your driver with a regular shaft? Are the distance gaps between your irons not uniform?

The Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex is the only local facility that offers complete club repair services by a Master Club Performance Specialist. From re-gripping, to re-shafting, to loft, lie and length adjustment, we have the latest state-of-the-art equipment to repair or adjust your clubs, making the Birck Boilermaker Golf Complex the most convenient and economical place to go for your club repair needs. Please stop by or call the Driving Range Golf Shop at (765) 494-3139 ext 2.

 Club Adjustments **
 Loft/Lie - Irons/Wedges
 $4/club *
 Lie/Face Angle - Woods/Hybrids
 $4/club *
 Re-grip Club
 $3/club + grip *
 Re-grip Club (Customer's grip)
 Shorten Club
 $6 + grip
 Lengthen Club (up to 2")
 $9 + grip
 Re-shaft Club
 $18 + shaft & grip
 Remove Broken Shaft (less than 4")
 Locate Shaft Spine
 Align Spine (incudes locating)
 Tighten Loose Head
 Remove Rattle from Shaft/Head
 Save Current Grip **
 General Labor (Swingweight, etc)

*10% off 6 or more clubs

** Not all grips can be saved and not all club heads are bendable. Our club repair specialist will advise you if yours are not. Additionally, some grips/club heads may fail during saving/bending due to age/metallurgical defects. The customer must accept the risk of grip/club failure before repair is attempted.

Want to put in a club repair order? Just looking for more information on services we provide? Please complete the form below.


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